Exclusivity project to delivery

At Lalzada we develop specific or integral projects, always demanding the highest level of quality.

Project Design

The creative process begins with a meeting with the client to understanding their tastes, needs, and desires. Based on the information and discussions, our talented team of professionals develop a 3D image to illustrate the project precisely. The client has accessibility to the process and corresponding blueprints at all times. This provides them with the opportunity to participate in the choice of materials, textures and finishes. Lalzada will always take into account the client's opinions, concerns or ideas, regardless of the magnitude of the project.


Lalzada offers an integral project. We are not just interior designers, we are also a construction company. This is why Lalzada is able to carry out every phase of the project, by coordinating with every professional on the job while maintaining thorough quality control. We also carry out already designed projects and supply materials, if necessary. That is the key to being able to ensure the excellent final quality we offer our clients.

Interior Design

At Lalzada we create personalized interior design projects, for new constructions or to be integrated into already pre-existing homes, offices or commercial venues. We design and manufacture custom-made furniture exclusively for each client. Selecting the furniture, feeling the textures of the material, choosing each fabric and color is how our clients experience the steps of their design come to life.

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